Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer Review

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The COSORI Pro LE Airfryer, with its 5-quart capacity and elegant design, not only offers advanced innovations like a glass display and temperatures up to 450 degrees but also impresses with its intuitive and quiet operation. Its practical test results are excellent, confirming fast heating and even browning. Furthermore, its remarkable craftsmanship adds to its appeal.

Technical specifications

  • Output Wattage: 1500 watts
  • Capacity: 6QT – 2,5-3lb
  • Product Dimensions: 10,8 x 12 x 14,4 inches
  • Weight: 12 lb
  • Special Features: glass display



COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE 5 QT: Overview

The COSORI Pro LE* is an air fryer that stands out for its features, with a 5-quart capacity and a price tag of around 100 dollars. It boasts an elegant design with a unique glass touch surface and practical features such as a variety of presets, a shake reminder, and an exceptional temperature range up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for extra crispy results. Additionally, it comes with 1,500 watts of power and a cooking basket that holds approximately 2 lb of fries.

Included in the package are a user-friendly manual, a multilingual recipe book with over 30 recipesΒ and a Crisper Plate for optimal air circulation. The design impresses with its matte finish and high-quality craftsmanship without sharp edges, supported by a real glass control panel.

cosori pro le airfryer review test

COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE - The processing and handling

cosori pro le airfryer review

Unpacking the COSORI Pro LE air fryer, it immediately became clear how thoughtfully both the craftsmanship and the handling of the device were conceived. The air fryer presents itself in a matte finish, which is my personal favorite, especially because it makes grease marks and fingerprints less visible. The quality of craftsmanship is particularly noticeable when comparing it to the Cosori Mini. The difference in quality is immediately apparent. While the Cosori Mini is predominantly made of plastic, the Cosori Pro LE shows how it’s done right. You won’t find any sharp edges or uneven gaps here.

The absolute highlight, however, is undoubtedly the glass control surface. This is the only air fryer I know of that is equipped with such a surface. It not only gives the device a more elegant and high-quality appearance but also speaks to greater robustness and durability. Initially, I was skeptical whether a glass control surface could impair the touch function, but this concern proved to be unfounded as the operation works flawlessly.

Operation: COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE

cosori pro le air fryer operationLet’s move on to the operation of the Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer*. The controls, as seen, are located on the top and are indeed made of high-quality and sturdy glass. But smooth operation isn’t just about the material. In my experience, the Cosori Pro LE also excels here.

The controls are symmetrically arranged and offer seven predefined programs:

  • Chicken
  • Fries
  • Frozen
  • Steak
  • Seafood
  • Veggies
  • Bacon

This selection covers essentially everything, though I miss a specific setting for baking. However, the predefined programs should be seen more as rough guidelines since the outcome can vary depending on the quantity. Useful features like the shake reminder, the reheat and the keep warm function are also included.

cosori pro le air fryer basketThe controls of the Cosori Air Fryer have their pros and cons. When you select a program, it lights up in orange, adding some color to the operation. However, this makes the other buttons appear less well-lit. Another plus of the COSORI Air Fryer is the temperature control, which allows up to 450 Fahrenheit – a clear advantage over the standard 400 Fahrenheit. This promises faster and crispier preparation.

COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE 5 Quart review: Frying results

For the practical test, I used our classics – fries and chicken wings. To make the results comparable to our other air fryer tests, I cooked the fries at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 17-18 minutes and the chicken wings according to the classic program for 20 minutes.

cosori pro le air fryer fries reviewBefore I discuss the frying results, I want to highlight the noise level: At just 56 dB, the device was one of the quietest in my entire air fryer test. Even a phone call could be easily conducted on the side.

Now to the fries: I skipped the preheat function but activated the shake reminder. Although the reminder tone was personally a bit too shrill for my taste, the results were impressive. Even though I prepared two and a half servings, the fries turned out very evenly browned and crispy. There were hardly any differences in the browning of the fries, which left absolutely nothing to be criticized.

cosori pro le air fryer chickem wingsThe chicken wings also delivered excellent results. After 18 minutes, they seemed perfect, so I took them out. The meat was cooked through to the bone while still being extremely juicy. The placement in the basket seemed to have no impact on the browning, which I consider a feature of a good air fryer.

COSORI Air Fryer Pro LE - Conclusion

Overall, the COSORI Pro LE Air Fryer* performed very well in my test. The highlights are undoubtedly the unique quality of craftsmanship, the glass control surface and the maximum temperature of 450 Fahrenheit. In the practical test, I could not identify any significant weaknesses: Both fries and chicken wings were prepared perfectly. Even the noise level was exceptionally low.

If there were a reason to choose another air fryer, it would probably be the capacity. For households with 3-4 people, it is completely sufficient, but for needs of 5 servings or more, I would rather recommend models like the Ninja Dual 8 QT, 10 QT, or the Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer. Another point of criticism could be the control panel located on the top, as it makes it difficult to read the time from a distance. 

In summary, the Cosori Pro LE is an excellent air fryer, offering the best value for money in my tests. I recommend it for 2-4 person households looking for an elegant and functional air fryer.

COSORI Air Fryer Compact 5 Qt, Max 450F for Juicy Meat,...
26,477 Reviews
COSORI Air Fryer Compact 5 Qt, Max 450F for Juicy Meat,...*
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